4 Reasons Americans Are Spoiled Out Of Their Minds

I began this series on Africa because I think I can offer a unique perspective to Americans, as someone who lives amongst extreme poverty. In some cases, and I think this video is one of them, that perspective might be uncomfortable to hear.

That said, causing discomfort is not my goal. Awareness is. My hope is that this most recent video will be well received and will begin what is, in my mind, a neglected conversation. If you want to be a part of the conversation, please pass this along and let me know what you think!

A couple more things:

Channel Art

jordan and josh taylor from blimey cow1) The creators of Blimey Cow and Say Goodnight Kevin (2 popular YouTube channels) have teamed up to make a podcast called “The Innertube Show.” They’re hilarious, and they answer questions from people like me who are interested in making videos. In fact, they literally Just did answer a question from me! They spent about 10 minutes talking about my YouTube channel on their show. My question starts 12 minutes in. Check out the episode here: http://www.innertubeshow.com/blog/028-should-you-start-a-second-youtube-channel-what-kind-of-podcast-should-you-start

Malaria No More
2) My last video, the Malaria one, was tweeted out to a quarter of a million followers by Malaria No More: the most influential Malaria organization on social media!

Thank you to everyone who helped share my last video! Your support means so much.