I have a few BIG things I’m excited to announce.

  1. You will be getting TWO emails from me next week. The first email will be a link to this video. I made the video to fundraise for a well that’s going to provide 1,000+ people with clean water. The second email will explain, in detail, how this well will solve many problems and make a HUGE difference in MANY lives. My humble request is that (starting next week) you PLEASE share the video with as many people/social media outlets/email lists as possible. It’s not going to be cheap, but I hope to convince you that it will be one of the best dollar for dollar investments of your life.
  2. BIG ANSWER TO PRAYER: My friend Dani is awake, conscious, walking, going up stairs, moved out of the ICU, eating, overall recovering super fast, and set to be released early next week?!?! 10329206_10204091867564004_242158785200640875_n
  3. Emily lost her first tooth!DSC01162
  4. In February, my alma mater featured me in their alumni email. The article got blasted out to 19,000 recipients! Since then I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with a few people and churches who are excited about what I’m doing. It’s been a tremendous blessing – here’s the article.img_3528-1024x682
  5. May is going to be BUSY. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of people all over the place, 3 more houses are getting built THIS MONTH. One amazing lady even gave up birthday presents and asked for donations instead – she raised the entire $700 herself! Here are the recipients:
  • This elderly couple’s house was poorly built on a hill, and now water comes flooding through their door every time it rains.DSC01044
  • This widow’s husband and most of her children have died of AIDS. Because of her disease, she is a social outcast. A new house will not only last longer than her current one that is falling apart, but will help restore her social status in the village.DSC01049
  • This widow has lost 5 of her 8 children. She currently is homeless and squatting at neighbor’s houses as her children are uneducated, live far away, and unable to take care of her.DSC01057

ONE LAST NOTE: There is still a remaining balance of $100 to be raised for that third lady. If you would like to make a small contribution toward her new home, please do!

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