Mid-November Update

gret glyer howms worldrace

Last May I hosted a Worldrace team who fundraised for and built 2 HOWMs in the month that they stayed at ABC in Malawi.

Here is a not-so quick summary of what I’ve been doing:

  1. I’ve been releasing weekly videos for a series called Village Fridays. Each week we raise a certain amount of money to meet an immediate need. The very next week we show how the money was spent. This last week we raised $305 to build a pig pen. The week before we raised $355 to fix-up a house for a lady with leprosy. Next week I’ve got a big idea that will only work if lots of people get involved.
  2. I’ve been releasing weekly podcasts. This is the most recent episode I made with my friend Prince. We talk about an ex-convict named Hosea who wants to go back to school. Let me know if you’d like to help.
  3. HOWMs was fortunate enough to get a shoutout on a popular YouTube channel with 370,000+ followers. It’s at the end of this video.
  4. HOWMs has been releasing videos for EVERY SINGLE house that’s built. We want to show donors exactly how their money is spent. Here’s an example. Donate $8 or $800 and you’ll still get a video within a few months! How about giving someone a house for Christmas?
  5. The Bad Missionary Podcast and Village Fridays got a HUGE shoutout in this podcast. Start listening 24minutes in.
  6. Village Fridays got a really great shoutout in this video. Start watching at 7:30.
  7. I’ll be in the States from November 23rd (one week away!) till January 7th.
  8. Did you know I do work with the Worldrace? I’m the Creative Director of their video team. I’ll be spending December 1-18 at their headquarters in Gainesville, GA.
  9. There are a few other secret projects I’m working on. I’ll tell you about them when they become more material.

I’m still short on fundraising (by about $11,600). At this point, every dollar raised SIGNIFICANTLY increases what I’m able to accomplish during my time in Malawi. Please consider donating: https://www.africanbiblecolleges.net/onlinegifts/?65.