My Goals for 2016

2015 has been one of my favorite years. I’ll list some highlights:

  1. Started a YouTube series called Village Fridays and got to personally be a part of changing lives in Malawi with the help of hundreds of other generous people in the States. So far the series has raised nearly $8,000and I expect even more before we land in 2016.
  2. Started working with the World Race as their Creative Director of Video. This includes pioneering World Race Films and directing a gritty Christmas drama.
  3. Added a fundraising platform to HOWMs so that people could use their personal creativity to build houses in Malawi. My favorite example is a 7-year old boy named Curtis who gave up his birthday and asked for donations instead.
  4. Added an Adopt-a-widow program so that donors can continue to support widows even after they have a new house. So far we have 4 widows who are under our care.
  5. Started the Bad Missionary Podcast which has amassed 3,500+ total downloads. Some of my favorite episodes were the interviews I did withSeth Barnes about comfort, Meghan Tschanz about sex trafficking andPaul Mphwiyo about being shot in the face.
  6. HOWMs became registered as a 501(c)3 and has built 53 houses for incredibly needy families with the help of hundreds of amazing donors. To thank those donors, we’ve made 25 videos and will continue to do that for every single house built.
  7. Started a secret Facebook group accessible only to people who have donated to one of the Village Fridays campaigns. Make a donation and you’ll get an invite which will allow you to see exclusive pictures and videos.
  8. I met my hero, Scott Harrison, and had lunch on his apartment roof.

Here are some dreams I have for 2016.

  1. Have you seen The Social Network? It’s directed by David Fincher, my favorite director. In it, Mark Zuckerberg and his co-founders all move into a house in Palo Alto to work on growing Facebook. Here’s my idea: what if we got a bunch of guys together to do a similar thing in Malawi? A bunch of creative/ambitious guys, living under one roof, who are all committed to bringing “start-up culture” to third world development issues. If you’re a motivated, intelligent, college-graduate male who wants to be a part of this, reach out to me. Very limited availability.
  2. Start a Poverty Touring Company. People often cite “gaining a more global perspective” as the main reason for wanting to travel. They then hop on a plane and visit the world’s wealthiest countries. If you want to get genuine global perspective, schedule a 10 day trip to Malawi and I’ll show you how HALF of the world actually lives. Prisons, market places, villages, etc. Reach out to me if you’re interested. I’m accepting groups of 4–12 people.
  3. Build a school or clinic by putting the Village Fridays model on steroids. What if we worked together to build an all girls school over 12 weeks? Week 1 I make a video to fundraise for excavating the grounds. Week 2 the grounds are excavated and I make a video to fundraise laying the foundation. We do this every week until there’s a school standing after 12 weeks of videos. What if I told you ALL of the building plans and teachers already exist and all we need are church sponsors who want to help make this happen? Talk to your church and see if they’re interested.
  4. Release a YouTube series called “A Month in Africa.” The concept is I take a camera with me everywhere I go and record my life for a month. I’ll release produced videos once a day for 30 days.

You can reach me on twitter or via email.