Pray for Dani


Last Tuesday morning I received a horrific phone call that two of my friends and fellow teachers had been in a minibus accident. Dani and Bill had organized a trip to take 30 orphans to see Lake Malawi using two minibuses. About 30 minutes into the trip, a rear tire blew out, causing their bus to flip over four times. Five people were ejected from the bus while it toppled over. One orphan was propelled through the front windshield. Dani was hurt the worst. When I arrived at the clinic she was lying unconscious on the operating table.  This has been the scariest things that’s happened to one of my good friends. But I cannot emphasize this point enough: amidst all the chaos, horror, metal, broken glass, and blood, I have seen the presence of God mightily preserve His children. The whole story would take a long time to type out, but here is a short list of miracles:

  1. Five minutes after the accident, two ambulances, who happened to be driving by, arrived on the scene. Anyone whose familiar with the availability of medical equipment in a third world country knows how significant this is. An empty ambulance who happened to be driving by on a road 30 minutes outside a major city is miraculous. No other word for it.
  2. Not a single person died. 13 people in a 10 seater bus that flipped over four times and only one of them is in critical condition.
  3. When Dani got to the hospital, someone came out of the ICU room and said to me, “Okay, here’s the situation: we need to pray hard because if Dani doesn’t get a miracle, she’s going to die.” I prayed, along with many others, and 10 minutes later some doctors came out and explained that they had misread Dani’s CT scan. Her situation was not as life threatening as previously thought.
  4. Dani was medivaced to South Africa to receive adequate treatment. My friend Amy went with her, and spent a lot of time arguing with the insurance company on the phone. They were being extremely difficult. While on the phone, the president of the hospital happened to walk into the room, grabbed the phone, and fixed the whole situation. He then bought Dani a stuffed lion from the gift store.

There’s a lot more that can be said, but not enough time to relate it all. Dani is currently in South Africa where she’s slowly waking up from sedation. She has multiple broken bones including fractures in her back and neck. She will be in a lot of pain over the next few days, and I kindly ask that you pray for her. That she would be comforted amidst her pain, and that she would make a full recovery.