SEVERAL exciting announcements!

Hello! If you have the time I would love it if you read through the following updates. 🙂

Here’s the latest:

  1. I’m starting a new video series called “Village Fridays.” Watch this 2-min TEASER with the following link:
  2. I’ve begun a weekly Q&A podcast. Much to my surprise, each episode is being downloaded well over 100 times! Check out the latest episode: Demonic activity, life lessons and giving away money.
  3. I’m still writing a book. 50% done!
  4. HOWMs has built FIVE houses since I returned to the country less than a month ago. Starting constructions on more this week! (If you donated to one of those houses, we’re working on a special surprise for you).
  5. Oh yeah, the IRS approved our application and HOWMs, Inc. is an OFFICIAL 501(c)3 which means TAX EXEMPTION for all donors! (YES, I am SUPER excited about this!!)
  6. I wrote this article and it was picked up by an online publication called The Bigger Picture.
  7. I’m still hoping to fundraise more money. I’ve raised $27,000 of the $45,000. Enough to live on, but not nearly enough to be as effective as I’m hoping. Please consider donating with this link: (prayer helped too!)

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