Stephen Lungu: The surprising story about the abandoned village boy

Stephen Lungu video

The video I made for this week gives a brief, but insistent, recommendation that you read about Stephen Lungu. He has the most incredible, and unlikely, conversion story I’ve ever heard. I found his book both inspiring, and insightful.

A few things about this book and video:

  1. I’ve never read anything else that so transparently helps the reader get into the head of a boy who grows up in a village. The village child’s experience and upbringing is utterly different than that of an American. Reading from Lungu’s perspective was fascinating to me since I’ve met so many kids in his exact situation. Never could I imagine what they think about, or how they feel about white people like myself.
  2. The little boy who is seen rummaging through the trash at the beginning of the video is actually one of Idah’s children. His name is Luke, he has the toothiest smile of all time, and he is famous in his village for his big personality. (Idah is one of the ladies that HOWMs is building a house for).
  3. A lot of people have been sharing my videos and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate that.

If nothing else, I would suggest getting Lugu’s book because it will provide some diversity to your library.

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