Update on HOWMs!

Idah and her HOWM

Because I’m not releasing a video this week, I thought I would instead send a brief update on how things are going with HOWMs. A few notes:

  1. Since I’ve been back, we have built 4 houses. One of the HOWM’s houses a widow and 5 of her kids. Another HOWM houses a widow and up to NINE of her grandkids!
  2. Another house is being built this week, and one more is on the docket after that!
  3. There are at least 9 schools running fundraisers in the States for us. For a lot of them, we have set up a special donation page just for them (i.e. http://www.howms.org/vatech). If you would like to do the same for an organization you are a part of, I would be happy to set that up!

One last thing. My good friend, Blessings, has been asking me to find someone to fundraise to build a sewing machine facility (basically a building with 5-10 sewing machines that ladies in the village can use to make clothes). Someone back in the States has VERY generously offered to take on that fundraising project! Blessings screamed with joy on the phone when I told him.

I am excited about the potential that this project has, and I also think it’s easily one of the coolest things you can be involved in from the States. If you want to know how you can help with that, shoot me an email!