Support Letter 2016-17

Dear Friend,

It has now been THREE years since I first left for Malawi. Three!! It’s remarkable for me to look back at each individual year and see how I’ve personally grown along with the work I am doing over there. Here’s a brief recap:

Year 1: Taught high school math and fundraised for a few houses.

Year 2: Taught less math and fundraised for a few more houses, a water well, and started a YouTube channel.

Year 3: Stopped teaching altogether, continued building houses, continued YouTube-ing, started podcasting, built a pigsty, covered a village in mosquito nets, and built a school.

Now it’s time for Year 4 and I couldn’t be more excited about what God has in store. Looking back on the past three years, it would seem that each individual year has culminated in what I hope to accomplish during this next year. But, I need your help!

First, let me explain that I am 100% dependent on your support. This means I don’t take ANY salary from HOWMs, Village Fridays, the World Race, or ANYTHING else with which I am involved. I am entirely dependent on your help to do the things that I do.

With that qualification, let me explain that I have plans for this year that literally involve changing the world. I’ve been working hard on a project (behind the scenes) that I believe will revolutionize online giving. You’ll be hearing more about this exciting new project in September, after the school year at Girls Shine Academy begins!

Will you prayerfully consider financially partnering with me to help me continue the work that I am doing? I need to raise $25,000 for my personal expenses. I will eagerly accept both one-time and monthly donations.

Give here: (all donations are tax-deductible)



P.S. As always, please reach out to me with ANY questions you may have:

Desks? Check!

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Believe it or not, this is an ESPECIALLY important phase for these high school girls. The quote below comes from Femme International:

“Menstruation is the number one reason why girls miss school. Sometimes girls will attend school on their periods, but will refuse to sit down, or once seated, refuse to move. Many schools do not have appropriate latrine facilities, and girls are unable to wash themselves during the day. When latrines are shared between boys and girls, they are teased and mocked during their period. The lack of sanitary resources available to young girls combined with the lack of essential education regarding menstruation makes it very difficult for girls to attend school during their period.”

Thankfully, our talented team headed by Tiyanjane Dzilankhulani is on top of this and will make sure these obstacles are NO PROBLEM AT ALL for the future girls attending GSA.

Please consider partnering with us, we NEED your help!:

Please DONATE and SHARE!: