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I have come to love Malawi and it’s people. I want to help as many of them as possible, but I definitely can’t do it without your help! Below are some ways you can use your resources to make a BIG impact on the lives of real people living in this lovely country. Thank you for your consideration.

Please specify which ministry you would like to donate towards. Paypal account not necessary, just a credit card!

1. Build a house ~ $700

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James 1:27 calls for us to minister to the orphans and widows. Here’s your chance. There are several people that would be tremendously blessed by having a house to call their own. All houses are built using resources and volunteer help from the local village. Below is a video of what a house building project looks like:

2. Pay for an ABC student’s college fees ~ $1,200 per semester

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African Bible Colleges has a long list of graduates that have made a HUGE impact on the local community. I cannot emphasis this impact enough. There are orphanages, churches, non-profits, village outreach programs, and many more initiatives that exist because of the leaders that ABC has raised up.

Below is a picture of my friend Prince who needs some help paying for school. He is passionate about reaching out to those incarcerated in the Lilongwe prison. He spends time mentoring murderers so that by the time they’re released from their sentence they have a love for Christ and a passion to help their local community. I’ve seen this transformation happen. Prince still owes $450 for the current semester and would benefit tremendously from any amount you can offer.


3. Help me pay for seminary ~ $4,500 per semester

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I am currently pursuing my Master of Arts in Religion online from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. My plan is to finish in 3 years, which would put my tuition fees at about $9,000 per year. In order to continue helping the local community in the same way I have been, I would need some financial assistance.

Below is one example of how having spare money was able to help me make a life saving difference in someone’s life.

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